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Die Bedienung der AE-1 PROGRAM Posted '07 If you find this manual useful, how about a donation of $3 to: AE-1 Program (German) PDF MANUAL. View and Download Canon AE-1 Program instructions manual online. AE-1 Program Film Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Canon AE-1 service manual online. AE-1 Film Camera pdf manual download. Canon AE-1 PROGRAM Instructions Manual 78 pages.

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Finger Rest. Main Switch. Shutter Button (with. Cable Release Socket Amt. AE Lock Pin-. AE Canon. Film Rewind Knob with. Crank. ASA Film Speed Setting. Page 1. Distributed by piccologellia.info Page 2. Distributed by WWW. piccologellia.info Page 3. Distributed by piccologellia.info Page 4. Distributed by. CANON AE-I PROGRAM. Sectiou 1 - Specifications and. Operation. Section 2 - Removing the Cover Plates. Predisassembly Tests. Disassembly Steps.

It was introduced in as the successor to the Canon AE-1 , five years after that camera 's introduction. The major difference was the addition of the Program AE mode first seen in the A This mode sets both the shutter speed and aperture automatically—albeit with a slight bias towards the shutter speed setting. The user focuses the camera and then presses the shutter button. For those desiring more control, the AE-1's shutter priority auto- exposure and full manual modes are still available. Like the A-1, the AE-1 Program has a right-hand "action grip" on the front of the camera.

Retrieved from " https: Canon FD cameras. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from January Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 1 May , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Canon AE-1 Program with all-black finish. Canon Camera K. New F The Canon AE-1 Program offers just the right amount of options, without all the clutter present in modern cameras.

Repeat as needed.

Ae 1 pdf canon program manual

This is simplicity at its best. This allows you to shoot freely by simply dialing in the desired shutter speed, as the camera will select the appropriate aperture automatically. The AE-1 Program is a truly beautiful camera. Its design takes a page from the classic Leica rangefinders, only adapted to an SLR body. The top and bottom plates are made of chrome-plated plastic. The rest of the body is made of textured plastic, and provides just the right amount of grip.

It is, after all, a full-fledged SLR. This is the classic equivalent of modern ISO, which is always necessary to configure because films with different speeds will need different exposure parameters. Once you select the appropriate speed, you can just forget about it until you change to a different film type. The back of the camera is elegant and sober, without any superfluous elements.

The viewfinder is huge and bright, and it makes it really easy to compose shots with any FD lens, even in poor lighting conditions. It also has a built-in display with everything you need to know to select the right exposure parameters. There are several vertically aligned LEDs to the right of the viewfinder, which display the appropriate aperture for the selected shutter speed.

Manual 1 pdf ae program canon

This is great when shooting in manual or shutter priority modes. Viewfinder information. Malaysian Internet Resources. I only have one, but the AE-1 Program originally shipped with several interchangeable screens optimized for different types of scenes.

Adventures in Film Photography: The Canon AE-1 Program

There are simply no unsolvable problems with this camera. Loading film onto the AE-1 Program is quick and easy: Another thing I just love about the AE-1 Program is its incredible battery life.

It uses a single battery that is concealed behind the grip, and it can just keep on firing away for ages. When I first grabbed the camera out of storage, the original year-old battery that was inside still worked!

Canon AE-1 Program Instructions Manual

The New Split, designed especially for the New F-1, was the world's first screen that eliminated the darkening of the splitting image of the focusing part. It is the main reason why AE-1 Program has such an impressive viewfinder image.

It is bright, very bright that one has to try to believe it Anyway, so used to the dimmer views in many of the Canon's SLR.. The New Split is made up of crossed prisms having two angles lined up to form a grating. The prisms are positioned vertically. When the light beam coming through a large-aperture lens is broad, the steep-angled part is used.

With a small aperture lens, focusing is performed.

Anyway, just be cautious and avoid damaging any parts. The Canon A-1 require the user to send the camera back to a service centre to change its screen, and some camera models like the Nikon FE of and Pentax mechanical MX allow user to interchange the focusing screens by themselves, a method that was made available for the AE-1 Program.

With the gentle-angled part of the screen.


The conventional split-image rangefinder employs the single-angled echellette prism. This is one area that Canon has really scored with its effort. The surface of the focusing screen itself in the past also contributed to darkening of the image at small apertures.

Ae program canon manual pdf 1

Until now the matte's surface particles were irregularly shaped with the consequence that light rays striking it were diffused in different directions. Canon has solved this problem with a unique laser-matte screen. Its surface texture is finer and smoother, and the particle sizes are different.

Light rays hitting the surface are less diffused, so less light is lost. And unlike some makers' matte screens, this new laser-matte screen purposely has an irregular pattern to solve the problem of moire effect: As the FD mount lever and pin based system was considered 'abandoned' and replaced with the electronic EOS mount system, the once world largest camera manufacturers must have a lot of used bodies, lenses and system accessories floating around the market.

With the exception for those who are depending on photography to make a living termed 'Pro' , or disturbing eyesight like me..

Accessories ranging from power winder s and motor drive, databack, remote, focusing aids, optics and accessories for macro and close up photography, it should be good enough to handle virtually any photographic situation imaginable. Difference was only the older winder will only advance the film when you release your findewr from the shutter release button, further, remote capability is NOT possible with the older Power Winder A.

Motor drive? That was made possible with the electrical terminal and as well as the motor drive coupling as with the Canon A The earlier AE-1 and other models within the A series have only a two pin terminal and not permissible to use with the motor drive MA set These terminals align with the winder contacts to provide perfect electronic matching and enable instantaneous film advance.

Canon claimed a maximum firing rate of 4 fps can be achieved with the Ni-cd Battery Pack MA and 3 fps with alkaline cells. Since all the manual-focus Canon cameras and their accessories have been discontinued, it is better to use the Motor Drive MA with its battery Pack MA that uses AA-size alkaline or carbon-zinc batteries.

The Motor Drive MA has two speeds which advance the film at a rapid 4 fps and 3 fps, respectively.

Ae manual canon pdf program 1

Single-frame shooting is also possible.