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Read UPSC topper Gaurav Agrawal's detailed interview questionnaire at Clear IAS (piccologellia.info). AIR 1 shares his Let's welcome Gaurav to the “UPSC Toppers Interview” at piccologellia.info ClearIAS . Print Friendly, PDF & Email. Journey and preparation strategy of UPSC IAS Topper Nandini K R - who was a student of Insights IAS (Insightsonindia) offline batch in. So Interview marks had a comparatively less bearing on final rankings in as compared to So topper Ms. Ira Singhal who had.

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INTERVIEW OF AN IAS TOPPER'S: AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Q. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it? A. Concrete floors are. UPSC (IAS IPS). [Topper's Interview] Pulkit Garg (Rank /CSE) IIT Delhi Civil Engineer, Chemistry. 4 days ago UPSC Civil Services Toppers Interview: Read the Interview of IAS Shena Aggarwal Rank 1 (Download PDF) · Rukmini Riar Rank 2.

Following article explore in-depth intricacies of UPSC civil services interview preparation. It is a well-researched, practical guide to prepare very well for the personality test and improve your chances of scoring good marks in interview. It is written by Pravin Sakaria for the followers of Insights and for all other interview hopefuls. It is also an enlightening read for all the aspirants. This is the Part — 1 of the two series article. Part — 2 is HERE.

All are supremely talented. Still, there is a wide difference in their marks. Explode The Myths: It is, at the most, a script but not the movie. A candidate groans under the burden of a plethora tips.

As a result, clear understanding of this important and interesting process is contaminated with Myths. It needs a Distilled Understanding. Myths are dangerous viruses. So vaccinate yourself against them. Let us burst all such myths one by one: Myth of Subjectivity: In a Written Examination, there is only one evaluator. In Interview, there are five unbiased evaluators. If any subjectivity is still there, accept it because you cannot change it.

Personality can not change in months: Out of those candidates who have appeared in and , many have improved their scores by 60 to 80 marks in Result largely depends on luck: Luck is the most random element in any human effort. Planned systematic Preparation is the most reliable way out.

Strict Interview Panels: It is a widespread myth that some interviewers are strict and Dream Killers. Truth is that all panels are unbiased and friendly and award all range of marks. Preparation and Preparedness optimizes your Performance: Gone are the days of prolonged studies with tight schedules. Yet it is extremely important to mentally get set and start preparing for the interview from now only.

Resume daily News Paper Reading, if you have stopped. Stop thinking: Because the Techniques of Preparation and Preparedness discussed hereunder, will demand Daily Practice for at least two months for scoring decent marks. Like eating or bathing. Special features, peculiarities, typical problems, famous persons and places etc. Be honest.

No manufactured or cooked up hobby. Do not cook up. Distribute copies of your DAF to selected friends to prepare questions for you. Think and prepare your own answers.

Pdf interview ias topper

Key to prepare Current Events is Intelligent Interest and curiosity. Following are some useful sources: It is Behavioral and Subtle part. Very base on which the marks in the interview are awarded. Yet, surprisingly, it is the most neglected part. A combination of small and subtle behavioral traits decides your performance in the interview.

Personality traits are behavioral tendencies, qualities or habits. They are not Inborn but Learnt and Practiced. They guide and make you think, act, react, respond and behave. Not your knowledge but these subtle and invisible qualities in you are assessed during the Interview.

A Charm in a person has an accompanying habit of Smiling. You can feel the perfume through smell. You can feel the charm of a person through a smile. Our purpose is to use some joyful, practically helpful and interesting methods of regular practice to nourish and strengthen these qualities and reap an optimum harvest during the interview.

Like an ECG of a living Person, Confidence level during an interview should fluctuate within a permissible range. You have already proven your competence so far. Value and respect yourself constantly and regularly. Your Weaknesses only glorify and compliment your strengths.

Like Roti main Namak. A little salt in Roti makes it tastier. Being Calm And Composed. Not being casual or passive or dull. A balanced and alert mind without inner stress or over-excitement.

Make a curve that makes many things straight. Second best use of lips. Listening with a view to learning and understanding. Do not listen just to speak. Gently nodding affirmatively while listening displays coolness, interest and positivity. When stressed, do not fight or react to temporary stress but just be aware. See the occasional feelings of anxiety or stress as a momentary part till it passes.

Realize it as momentary reality but not as an absolute truth or an incurable personal defect. One who uses it by a daily morning walk gets fitness. Common sense is common to all. But it is a highly under-utilised asset.

Need to use this ability regularly. There are three monkeys on a tree branch. One decides to jump. How many monkeys are left on that tree branch? Answer is not two but three. A monkey has decided to jump but has not actually jumped.

TOP IAS Interview questions asked by UPSC Panel

Presence, Listening, Thinking and Speaking. Listening with Patience, interest, smile and gentle affirmative noddings displays calmness, confidence, positivity and humility instantly. Nonverbal Communication or Body Language. A little thinking before verbally responding is calmness. Interview Panel likes it.

It also improves Verbal Communication. Think and then communicate. Maintain eye contact when speaking and listening. Do not worry. Thankfully, more than ornamental Language or oratory, it is clarity that impresses the Board. Two Different Languages called formal and informal. Everybody knows the difference. We have a practice of speaking an Informal Spoken Language containing casual words, slangs and short forms and so on in daily life.

So it has become a Practiced habit. So you often speak informal or colloquial language during the interview. You need Conscious and consistent practice of speaking Formal and Polite Language to avoid such mistakes.

Out of Hindi and English, choose one which you feel more comfortable speaking and listening. English has no extra weightage as a medium. If you are not comfortable with both, then only go for your Regional Language. In that case, an interpreter sits in the Panel.

Choose to be happy and optimistic. Appreciate and complement people with those qualities. Remember childhood storey of an honest wood cutter who gets back his axe along with rewards of golden and silver axes? Do not ape anyone. Present the best but actual version of yourself. It is honesty and it helps. It protects your confidence and self value. Surprisingly, you get marks for confidently and honestly saying it.

On the other hand, giving some vague, wrong or irrelevant reply is fatal. You lose confidence and self value and get negative marks.

Now think using your common sense about a more honest answer. However, it is less adverse than All India Figure and not as alarming as x and y states. But help of intellect needed. Means moral integrity coupled with Common Sense so that Integrity helps you but does not harm you.

Topper pdf ias interview

Respect a person having a contradictory view while firmly expressing your own view. A proverb says: But The Law of Harvest: So celebrate the Harvesting climax after years of toil. Just a little more nourishment and protection of plants and you will reap a harvest much richer than imagined. Smile is a habit, a positive body language, a quality.

Smile alone can boost your interview marks beyond imagination. Best, Enjoyable, Simulative Techniques: Thankfully, each of these positive traits i. Let us do it on daily basis through some Joyful useful, productive, interesting and easy games.

Earlier, it was the only job opportunity but now so many other avenues have opened up. People are going abroad, working in private sector. You should thank the opening up of economy for this. Otherwise all the bright people I have met in my career in other places would have instead appeared for this exam.

Also, people from IITs have always been appearing and topping this exam. This trend has actually decreased if anything from 80s and 90s. Note from ClearIAS.

Pdf interview ias topper

How did you approach this exam? What was your strategy in general Prelims, Mains and Interview? Also, on an average how many hours did you put on a daily basis? How did you manage time?

Daily hours. This attempt: Were you a person who studied alone? Or a person who favored the combined-study approach?

[INTERVIEW 2016] UPSC Civil Services IAS Personality Test Preparation – 2016 – Complete Guide

What were the Newspapers and Magazines you followed? How many hours did you devote for newspapers? Any tips on newspaper-reading? Hindu and followed other news websites all popular ones on RSS reader. For magazine, only EPW. About 2 hours for newspapers and websites. Did you attend any coaching institute? How helpful were the coaching institutes? What websites will you recommend for future aspirants for UPSC preparation, including the government websites?

Or did you say good-bye to the social media during preparation days? To answer such questions, candidates need to think outside the box and expand the horizons of their thinking. The candidate, who cracked his interview with this question said, he would give the car to his friend and tell him to drive the old lady to the hospital, while he waits at the bus stop with his perfect partner.

I would be very happy, take an off and celebrate the good news with my husband. This question is aimed at testing how the candidate reacts to some shocking news. However, the news can need not be shocking in a bad way only and can also have a positive outcome.

In short, such answers show your positive bend of mind to the IAS interview panel.

Gaurav Agrawal (CSE 2013 Rank 1) UPSC Topper’s Interview – Part 1

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Generally, the common know how dictates that Lord Rama may have celebrated his first Diwali at Ayodya, Mitila [Janaki's place] or at Lanka.

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Topper interview pdf ias

These are just a few of the common as well as quirky IAS Interview Questions that have been asked in the past. While there is no guarantee that the same or similar questions will be asked in future as well, but they do provide a solid reference point from which aspirants can get a rough idea about it. Click here for IAS interview tips. Happy Studying! Eligibility for IAS Age Limit, Qualification, Attempts, Relaxation. How many IAS Officers are recruited every year? Please specify. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number.

List of Oscar Award Winner.

Interviews by IAS Toppers

Daily Current Affairs. Exercise Sampriti India-Bangladesh joint military exercise to be held from March 2. Career in Financial Management. English Hindi All.