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PDF | The basic operating principle of differential pressure flow-meter is based on the premise that the pressure drop across the meter, ¡P is. Industrial flow measurements include measuring of flow rate of solids, liquids and gases. The units used to describe the flow measured can be of several types. Accurate measurement of flow rate of liquids and gases is an essential As a result there are different types of flow measuring techniques that are used.

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result, accurate measurement of flow rate is very important. Needless to say that there could be diverse requirements of flow measurement, depending upon. Fluid flow measurement can encompass a wide variety of fluids and and Euphrates rivers (around B.C.) used water flow measurement to manage the. Flow measurement is vital to many different industries such as oil, power, used to measure linear, non-‐linear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas.

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Use in text citation where appropriate. Describe how it is used to make a theoretical prediction. What assumptions are made in the process and how valid are they. How will they affect the theoretical predictions. Consider cost, ease of use, accuracy, possibility for automation, dependence on fluid properties etc.

Write in your own words and do not plagiarise. Draw a schematic of the experimental rig. You can take pictures of the rig. Hint see Figure 8. Discussion Compare how well your measurements compare with theoretical predictions.

Discuss how the assumptions made if any have affected your theoretical predictions and comparisons. Discuss the main sources of error and how significant they are when making a comparison with theoretical predictions.

Discuss why the discharge coefficient is much lower for the orifice plate compared to the venturi throat. Conclusion What you did?

What you found? How well does it agree with theory? State the reasons for discrepancies. What is the conclusion? References List all references.

Also include material obtained from the internet. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory As a quaternary specialist in corneal physiology, I'm a basic student regarding the simplest physical science. Aneesha Sandeep. Sharp Jithan. Show More. No Downloads.

Fluid Flow Measurement Techniques

Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Flow measurement pdf 1. Flow Measurements Types of flow encountered: Primary or quantity meters B. Positive displacement meters C. Secondary of rate meters D.

Pdf flow measurement

Special methods 2. Flow Measurements A. Primary or quantity meters: Signifies the amount of fluid in terms of mass or volume that flows past a given point in a definite period of time.

Volumetric method: Fluid flowing in the flow meter is diverted into a tank of known volume. When the tank is completely filled, then the known volume is compared with the integrated, volumetric quantity registered by the flow meter under test.

Pdf flow measurement

Flow Measurements 2. Gravimetric method: Fluid flowing in the flow meter is diverted into a vessel which can be weighted either continuously or in the vessel after a pre-determined time. The weight of the liquid collected is compared with the gravimetric quantity registered by the flow meter under test. Positive Displacement Meters: Each element is successively filled from the flow at the inlet and emptied at the outlet of the meter.

In other words these meters chop the flow into number of pieces of known size and then count the number of pieces. Flow Measurements Features: Flow Measurements 1. Nutating Disc Meters: Flow Measurements Working: Sliding Vane Type Meters: While vane ahead at point B is already fully extended, so a measuring chamber of known volume is formed.

Flow Measurements 3. Lobed Impeller Meters: Flow Measurements C. Secondary or Rate Meters: Variable Head Meters: Venturi, orifice plate and nozzle. Flow Measurements a Venturi Meter: Flow Measurements b Orifice Meter: Flow Measurements c Nozzle Meter: