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የሰማይ ላይ ግንብ (Tower in the sky) የመፅሀፉ ርዕስ፡ Tower in the sky (የሰማይ If the purpose of the book is to leave a complete and coherent. This book belongs to a newly emerging genre of memoir that relives the Tower in the Sky is the memoir of the author, an urban, middle class. By Selam Beyene, PhD. Following the publication of Hiwot Teffera's widely acclaimed book, Tower in the Sky (AAU Press, ), several.

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Start by marking “Tower in the Sky” as Want to Read: The book is very explanatory of the situation in Ethiopia starting from the Hailesellasie regime up to the Derg. Hiwot Teffera is author of two books that are now translated in to Amharic language. Tower in the Sky [Hiwot Teffera] on piccologellia.info Her book entitled "Tower in the Sky" provides many aspects of the clandestine political works in Addis Ababa . Tower In The Sky: Authored by Hiwot Teffera The book is beautifully written and easy to read because the author has exhibited extensive.

Tower in the Sky. By Hiwot Teffera. Addis Ababa: Addis Ababa University Press, This book belongs to a newly emerging genre of memoir that relives the trauma of Ethiopia's revolution and the era of the Derg The era included both the initial blush of optimism on the downfall of the imperial government of Haile Sellassie I, but also the nightmare of the Red Terror that rent Ethiopia's social and political fabric in the late s and early s. We now have a growing body of fiction on that experience, but also autobiographical writing that more closely chronicles the first-person, subjective experiences of individuals who found their way to the diaspora or who stayed to live their lives anew and now reflect on their own emotions of fear, the exhilaration about new times, or ambivalence about violent change.

Tower in the Sky never leaves Ethiopia's cities though the author now writes from Canada or the author's social class. She does not try to offer an expansive view of social change. We see nothing of conditions in rural areas. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview.

Tower in the Sky

Ethiopia and the United States: Read preview Overview. The Lion of Judah in the New World: Vestal Praeger, Nelson; Irving Kaplan Dept. Tower In The Sky wholly and thoroughly examines the struggles of the EPRP in a very lucid and cogent way, but not only in terms of narrating the complex Ethiopian politics of the time and praising the fallen heroes in due course of the struggle, but also in criticizing the shortcomings and failures of the Party.

On top of documenting the chronology of the unfolding events surrounding the political performance of the EPRP, Tower In The Sky is also very much a literary work that could be classified as a non-fiction genre.

Hiwot successfully blended non-fiction literature with authentic political discourse that virtually affected the entire social fabric of Ethiopia. She uses verbal patterns, including cadence, to dramatically depict some frightening scenarios that, in turn, capture, the horrendous torture and killings of Ethiopian youth in general and her own comrades in particular at the hands of the Derg murderers.

In relation to the latter, thus, I am tempted to claim that Tower In The Sky is one book that represents the decades of indomitable spirit by the Ethiopian fallen heroes and of some comrades who survived to tell the tale.

Hiwot is one of the latter. The book is beautifully written and easy to read because the author has exhibited extensive creativity and meticulous craftsmanship in putting the pieces including the enigmatic encounters of the complex and intricate Ethiopian politics of the s and s in one quilt.

Each chapter in the book opens up with a relevant parable or maxim, but all the quoted people, except for Zara Yacob, are non-Africans or non-Ethiopians. Quoting Africans in general or Ethiopians in particular would have given authenticity to the Ethiopian resistance led by the EPRP and rendered additional flavor to the struggle.

However, the apparent dearth in Afrocentric thought in no way diminishes the import of this great book. As we shall see in some detail later, however, Hiwot would become disillusioned with the Party not only because the latter committed egregious and series of mistakes and as a result encountered significant challenges, but also due to the murder of Getachew Maru by his own party that she never expected and suspected.

Once the author met Getachew, she would slowly and gradually delve into the world of ideology and theoretical framework that would, in turn, enable her grasp the essence of class and class struggle and beyond. She would first learn, thanks to her mentor Getachew, the elementary notions of class relations. Once an egg is rotten…it is rotten. You cannot crack it and separate the good from the bad.

You have no use of it once it is rotten. Who would not be in love with Getachew Maru?

Romantic relationships, though beautiful and natural, were secondary in a political movement poised to bring about social change. In light of the latter reality, thus, the author continues to narrate student restlessness in all campuses and the role played by student vanguards such as Meles Tecle. Incidentally, many of the student militants mentioned in the book such as Meles Tecle, Agerie Mihret, Getachew Kumsa, and Girmachew Lemma were either my classmates or compatriots at the university.

I was in the latter group and we were detained at the 33 rd Battalion in Chinagsen for 53 days although initially we were sentenced to three months hard labor. On the question of fascism in Ethiopia discussed on page of the book, it is interesting to know that Getachew had the same view like mine although we were worlds apart during this time and we had no connection at all.

I have discussed it in my debut book, Ethiopia: The Political Economy of Transition While Democracia , the official organ of the EPRP, declared the Derg as fascist regime, Getachew had reservations on the definition of fascism and he did not view the Derg as a fascist regime.

Book the tower in sky

My argument, of course, is substantiated by the political economy definition of fascism and the unique historical circumstance that played a role as a catalyst for the emergence of this type of regime and not in the adjective connotation that some people use to depict brutal dictators. We helped out with stapling in the pamphlet. Meles Tecle and I went to the Commercial Printing Press for printing the red banner of the front page of the organ before the printing and duplication process began.

On the same page, Hiwot recalls the altercation she had with Meles because he screamed on her friend Azeb: How dare you?

Who do you think you are?

BOOK REVIEW: Tower in the Sky by Hiwot Teffera

And who do you think Abebech is? She is not our mastermind! We were all embarrassed and we directed serious criticism against Meles.

At this point, a new Hiwot would be born, a transformed Hiwot, so to speak. The early Hiwot Teffera would undergo metamorphic changes akin to a caterpillar that would become a butterfly; a revolutionary transformation from virtually a crawling creature on the ground to a flying and floating airborne being, and looking down from a knowledge-based vantage point. I had peeled off the layers of my former self and felt like a new person was emerging out of the old skin.

Life became imbued with meaning. It seemed that I was leading a conscious, purpose-driven, value-laden, fuller and richer existence. The author continues with her elegant literally virtuoso in depicting her newly found person and I personally found pages to quite moving, and in reading these powerful statements I have come to conclude that Hiwot indeed is a gifted writer.

Short sentences that go between prose and poem elegantly depict the very feelings of the new Hiwot and here is how she puts them: Eventually Hiwot saw a world of ideology, which, if applied, could make everything just right. How callous of him to say we must perish in order to make room for the new people fit for the new world.

Tower in the Sky by Hiwot Teffera

It was in the early s and the country was hit by a wave of protests against the emperor. University student, being the front-runners of the demonstrations shout on the streets calling for Land to the Tiller and an end to the feudal rule.

Hiwot took part in these demonstrations, played the usual hide and seek with security officers and gladly marched on the streets with her fellow revolutionaries. She thought what he was preparing her for has come and she happily became part of it. I learned so much more about revolution and change from life itself than I did from the books.

However, it was what happened after this that transformed the life of the revolutionaries for good. While top intellectuals and students of the nation were on the streets shouting for human rights to be respected and getting shot and arrested Getachew was also arrested at the time by the emperor security officers, the military slipped in from the back door and clearly trampled the revolution.

The movement was hijacked and the Derg established itself, ending the years feudal rule and opening a new chapter of misery for the nation. It took control of the media and other government establishments — a bad omen for the country.

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The revolution as many feared was officially hijacked by the military. What happened then was the groundwork of a terrifying terror. The revolutionaries were not willing to accept the promises of Derg and wanted to take it down by whatever means possible. EPRP was established earlier in by unifying previously scattered parties in the revolution and the party led the revolutionaries underground to challenge the Derg.

However, the sad reality was that not only was the revolution hijacked, but also the new party that vowed to guard the revolution was seized by what it seems like a bad omen. Eventually the party seemed to succeed in brainwashing its young members, making them never realize what was happening on the ground and identify what was important at the time.

It made them believe that, revolution must cost lives, and their individuality was not as important as the dream of the party. Hiwot writes: As far as we were concerned, the fear of death has long been vanquished. Our love and commitment to the party had washed away any stain of fear. There was no terror of the unknown: Death was not a lonely journey; we were going together to mass graves, comrades-in-arms in death as in life.

Death did not concern us. The struggle and the party was all. Unlike the previous approach, demonstrating on the streets, and expressing opinions no matter how hard the response might have been, EPRP changed strategy and chose to fight the military regime with arms. It declared war on members of the military regime in the cities.

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Not everyone in the party agreed with that.