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HAVE THE. RELATIONSHIP. YOU WANT. A Step-By-Step Woman's Guide To. Transforming Your Love Life Overnight! Rori Raye. Sample. FIVE TOOLS TO HAVE THE RELATIONSHIP YOU WANT 1. THE RORI RAYE MANTRA Trust Your Boundaries . Have The Relationship You Want Ebook Free Download When Aim Environment Fulfills Aim-No cost Living Is Goal setting some thing you.

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Have The Relationship You Want book. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A step-by-step guide for women to tranforming your l. What if every time you saw your partner you felt excited? What if love came effortlessly, and you felt more authentic and more relaxed than ever before in a. have the relationship I have always wanted and I have created this for myself. I share with you my story because I want to show you that no matter how bad or.

At times some women resist my message so much. Shirley was one of them. And at times those women return months or years later and apologize. And Shirley was one of them…as well. In November, she wrote me this:

Do less to get more. Focus on and encourage the positives and see them grow. Curb your anxiety. No strategy, no gimmick. It just takes the removal of expectations, reactiveness and jadedness. Attachment to outcome makes you very anxious. It takes, counterintuitively, the softening of your boundaries.

My method requires questioning and challenging your boundaries before trusting them. When one is ready the teacher will arrive. I hope you are ready for my message and if you are you can start here. Image credit Deposit Photo!

My man broke up with me again after another fight, this has happened a few times now in our 2 year relationship. Our last fight was 2 weeks ago when I accused him of something going on with his mates widow. They have been friends a long time. At first I thought he was wonderful to show support to her but after 10 months of putting her first and me feeling like an option it hurts.

Maybe I am being harsh and I do realize this lady is going through a very difficult time.

Have The Relationship You Want Ebook Free Download | GirlGetsRing.com

He started to lie to me about spending time with her because I would get upset and jealous. The first year we were together was wonderful but since his mate died he has pushed me away quite a few times and I get angry and upset with him. This is the only problem that we have had and when I react he just says this is to hard and we break up. We always seem to get back together after a few weeks and carry on without really solving the issue.

It feels like we keep going in cycles. He took me away to meet all his family a couple of months ago and I felt like he is serious about this relationship. We are talking as friends now and did hook up the other night. We have a very strong sexual chemistry. Now I feel like that is all we have although I love him and want to work things out. Like you say in your book talking about the relationship is not something I should do and I know whenever I have before we end up in an argument.

He did say after our last fight that we will never get back together but I have heard that before. He said we can be friends but then we had sex the other night.

He is so angry with me for acussing him. The thing is she is not going to disappear so I will have to try and accept that she will always be his friend. I love him and want to be with him as we do have an awesome time when we are together and many wonderful memories together. I would really appreciate some advice from you please.

I just want to make things right. Thanks Karen. Karen, you are insecure and always want to control, of course he feels smothered. Have faith in you, everything will fall into place.

You need my Journey Inward and basically all my programs especially these:. My programs will help you toward that end. I am naturally a feminine woman and he is a kind, masculine man.

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All of your programs look appealing, but financially, at this time, I would only be able to invest in one to start. Would you please let me know which program you think may benefit me most right now? I have focused far too much on him control.. We are on 4th week this weekend so you can attend live and listen to first 3 classes upon signing up. Please also start with my ebook. It has tons of bonuses that will keep you busy for a while on top of 2 week email coaching:.

Pat Allen. Like I did my own rotational dating long before I knew any of these dating gurus cause it felt natural and sensible to me. How is the reading? It seems to me that you have certain expectations of him and men show you who they are pretty much right away. It is who he is. Take him or leave him. Are you in my group? Please share there. Are you okay with that? If not then just date casually till someone better comes along. Only by being okay with a feminine role you can be in a healthy relationship with a masculine man.

What do you think? It caused some serious misunderstandings in my current relationship.

How My Method Differs To Rori Raye's

I did a Google search under reviews of Rori Raye and somehow came across you. It sounds alarming, but he is from a large family with warm, intelligent loving parents married 60 years and educated delightful brother and sisters.

I had a somewhat insecure childhood—loving family, but Army brat—13 schools in 12 years, and dad went to Vietnam twice—a year each time. I have been married 5 times 4 husband was a wonderful man who died in my arms at age Fast forward to my current relationship. We started seeing each other around Dec.

At Christmas, he suddenly pulled away—did not want to see me—no gift, and stayed away for a week. It really hurt my feelings, but since he was not my official boyfriend yet, I went out with another guy and kept my cool. In early February, my house sold and I had to find a new place to live. I was going to have to move by March 1st, and he asked me to move closer to him, so we could see each other more. I rented a house about 12 miles from his ranch. He also offered to let me keep my horses at his ranch.

Quite frankly, this has been a disaster.

As soon as I moved down here, he pulled sharply away from me. Granted— Spring is a super-busy time involving long hours of grueling work. However he became simply—weird. He often makes me feel simply unwanted—even when he has asked me over. Other times he can be sweet and affectionate—funny and kidding around.

Overall since I made the move he has become less loving—has not said he loves me, and at one point in time said our relationship would never work because he did not like the way I worked cattle then 2 weeks later made up.

The only thing that has kept me sane is developing some new friendships, immersing myself in work, and being very cautious about the amount of time I spend over at his place. He and I have not dated other people, and mutually agreed to leave dating sites his idea. I told him that he often made me feel quite unwanted. He insisted that I was welcome, but sure enough—was surly, rude and not interested in sex when I came over the next time. In his defense, he is totally exhausted what with the summer irrigating and long hours.

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I realize that I have made him sound like a monster—he is not. He can be sweet and funny.

I just spent a week working a cow sale with his mom and dad and siblings. I do not go over there uninvited although this means I see lots less of my horses. Traditional dating by the way—simply impossible. He has to change irrigation water at 7 am and 7 pm, 7 days a week. All the farm chores fall in the middle of that time frame. The farm is his dream—he and his brother saved and finally bought it less than 2 years ago.

It is by far the focus of his life, and I totally respect that. It just makes me sad that our relationship is so negatively impacted by all of this. Vince thought I had lost my marbles when I started that kind of blathering. I calmly told him that it was good to know that, as whatever man I would spend the rest of my life with was going to have to respect how much I love cows and allow me to be a part of it.

As I write this, I realize how hopeless this relationship sounds. I would like to see this relationship through to wherever it is heading. If and when I quit, I would like to be sure it is the right timing for me. I finding myself getting much calmer and happier. I find that I am being kinder to myself-something I was never very good at!

I love that everyone here is at different stages of growth and despite being strangers, we are trying to help each other through our journeys. This almost reminds of what an addiction support group would be like…. I have not leaned forward in 3 weeks. Well, look at what my boyfriend of 6 weeks wrote to me today. I never did, but it made me want to.

Thank you. I just realized how refreshing it feels to be trusted, and to have someone who is comfortable with letting me breathe. I have read many of the ladies success stories. I am so happy for all the ladies I read about.

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I just wanted to share my thoughts P. Love your book! Hi Tina, Thank you. Because no kind of affection or intimacy and 2. I missed him horribly. So exhausted I broke up with him. I tried NC but about 2weeks he contacted me and we been talking ever since. I read your book and started leaning back and he brings the dog over about once a week watch movies but no hugging or anything and out of the blue he ask me to go on a trip to his family house, this weekend. My concern was he turned his cell phone off at night and I saw a female text him and he quickly grab the phone n put in his back pocket.

This was first time in same bed since breakup in Nov. I wish he had though….

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The next night we had to sleep separate because of our family but My question is how do I NOT worry about his phone activity, his not attempting to even touch me? Oh the pic of us is still up in living room. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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How My Method Differs To Rori Raye’s

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