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Muhammadiyah 37 Parung), Skripsi, Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris,. Fakultas Tarbiyah .. of this „skripsi‟ in the effectiveness of role play on students ‟ speaking skill at the. First Grade of .. piccologellia.info piccologellia.info). Download Skripsi Sastra Inggris Gratis Pdf (AN ANALYSIS OF FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE TRANSLATION) Judul Skripsi: AN ANALYSIS OF. Mahasiswa Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris pada Fakultas Adab dan Riordan's Novel “The Red Pyramid”, memandang bahwa skripsi tersebut telah.

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Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Full - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read online. Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris. Fakultas.: Bahasa dan There are also skripsi that use feminist theory as a tool to analyze the research. First, Agustina http:// piccologellia.info Retrieved on August. Jurusan/Prodi: Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris/Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris SI Menyatakan dengan ini sesungguhnya bahwa skripsi/tugas akhir/final project.

Ambilah kebaikanku Background of the Problem Language is one of the most important things in communication and it is used as a toll of communication among the nations in all over the world. As an international language, English is very important and has many interrelationships with various aspects of life owned by human being. In Indonesia, English considered as the first foreign language and taught formally from elementary school up to the university level. The most often become to complain is the teachers ability in applying appropriate approaches, methods, strategies or techniques in teaching or learning. So, many students are not interest in learning English.

Among discoveries of the researchers, as stated by Lewis and Sisk in Gerry Concept of Reading Although, on the world wide level, the format of teaching reading skill may differ according to local circumstances, the English GBPP Stresses the implementation of teaching reading skill in an integrated skill unit.

It means that reading is thought integrated with the other language skill. Such as, teaching vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and the way construct sentences, paragraphs and texts.

The development of reading skills mostly occurs in this stage. To be effective reader, the pupils should be able to 1 scan; 2 skim; 3 read between the lines; 4 read intensively; and 5 deduce meaning from the context. Reading Process In very real sense, reading process is a progress report. It means that a major reason for the lack of forward motion in attempts to develop more effective reading in striation was a common failure to examine and articulate a clear view of the reading process it self.

Knowledge is non-cumulative in improving reading instruction largely because either ignore the reading process and focus on the manipulation of teacher or pupils behaviors of because they related reading as an unknowable mystery. Both views are non-productive at best and the worst seriously impede progress.

Furthermore, the effort has been to create a model of the reading process powerful enough to explain and predicate reading behavior and sound enough to be a base on which to build and examine the effectiveness of reading instruction. This model has been developed using the concepts, scientific methodology, and terminology of psycholinguistics, the interdisciplinary science that is concerned with how thought and language are interrelated.

Reading as a Language Skill From the four integrated skills listening, speaking, reading and writing skill , the writer is interested to come up with a more elaborate description about reading skill as what Tarigan cited from Huda calls that reading skill as the third skill that the children have gained after speaking and before writing. To the same extent reading should be stimulated when the students need to create the sense condition.

In other words, the students will be guided to find the real answers of question they have in mind. Purposeful reading is encouraged by creating an interest in content, by trying in the new experience with personal background of the learning, by systematically extending the reading vocabulary Betts.

Meanwhile Godman says reading is a psycholinguistic guessing game, consisting of cycle of sampling, predicting, testing and confirming. H e is satisfied with a meaning which makes sense of the context. In this type of reading, control from a teacher is compulsory and it will provide a basis for elucidation of difficulties of structure, and for the extension of vocabulary. In this extent, the activity is not completely controlled by the teacher.

Structures in the test will be already familiar to him and new vocabulary will be introduced slowly in such a way that its meaning can be deduced from the context. Skimming techniques will enable them to select the worth reading. In short, skimming is the skill that helps the students read quickly and selectively in order to obtain a general idea of the material. The procedures for scanning are as follows. First, specific information must be located. Next the clues which will help to find the required information have to be decided, then, find the clues.

Finally, read the section containing the clues to get information needed. In this technique, the students are trained to think of clues to help them find the specific information. These clues may be a word or words, punctuation, alphabetical order, numbers, etc. From linguistics point of views, reading is recording and decoding process.

Not like speaking which just involves an encoding process reading applies decoding process by which a reader must grasp and guess the meaning of written words used in writing scripts, reading the symbols to the oral language meaning Anderson in Tarigan and Suhirman It is true by reading people get to know the other people scientific achievement, or some happening in other region of the country.

Through reading we can improve our skill and enlarge our human development achievement. Because the written passage upon which the questions are based presents a sustained discussion of a particular topic. There are six types of reading comprehension questions. These types focus on these aspects. Comprehension Skill According to Hilerachi most of the reading professional list three categories of reading comprehension.

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The Role of Background Knowledge in Comprehension Ommagio writes that cognitive psychologist in the late s place great emphasis on the importance of meaningfulness and organization of background knowledge in the learning process. In the second language comprehension process, at least three types of background knowledge are potentially activated: Efficient readers do not need to perceive precisely or identify all elements of the text.

Rather, they select the fewest, most productive cues necessary to produce guesses about the meaning of the passage and verify the hypothesis as the process discourse further In Ommagio, He describes reading as a sampling process in which readers predict structures. Clearly, Ommagio included as in the comprehension process all three types of background knowledge: In line with the above statement, as Ommagio cited from Kolers also maintains that reading is only incidently visual.

Thus, the reader then contributes more information by the print on the page. Knowledge of the language. Ability to predict or guess in order to make correct choice. Ability to remember the previous cues, and 4. Ability to make the necessary associations between the different cues selected. Through the use this strategy they could interact and construct meaning from the texts at once when they developed the reading tasks. Second, it is important to highlight that the role of the teacher as a guide was crucial in think-alouds because he could assist and foster students to use reading strategies such as predicting, visualizing, and prior knowledge in order to comprehend the reading texts.

Third, another positive impact of the think-aloud strategy, is that students constantly mentioned that they had an enhancement in some specific aspects of English language such as: Theoretical Frame Work Based n the theoretical description and result of the relevant studies, the writer arrives at theoretical framework of this study. In teaching and learning process, especially in English, many problems and activities face by the students and also the teachers.

But, mostly the success of the students in learning the English should be determined by themselves.

Beside the students study the English at the school, they should hard at home, that is by repeating again what they are getting at the school from the teacher to recognize or memorize the materials.

In English language teaching in Indonesian, reading is placed in high priority, we can see it from the curriculums. Senior high school curriculums, junior high school curriculum, even at elementary school emphasize the English language teaching on the reading comprehension ability. Therefore, reading is the most important language skills for students t study hard, by reading the knowledge of the pupils will gradually increase, beside developing their ability in other language skills.

But reading without comprehension is means nothing because reading comprehension is an active process to get the information from the text. By teaching four language skill in interactively, that is involves reading, listening, speaking and writing. In this case is limited for the reading skills itself to involve the pupils in learning activities i.

So that in this case, the ability of the pupils will be increased by using textbook with are published by Depdikbud Government and Yudistira Private Publishing Company.

According to hadi The instructional activity was designed only to teach reading skill students by using Think aloud strategy as a techniques toward the experimental group, the group of sample would have test to measure the effect that students get after treatment.

The result of the test would be analyzed and compare using statistical computation. Therefore, the design is called a pre-test and post-test control group design. The study design is adopted from Ary, et. Table 3.

Nawawi in Iskandar While according to Sudjana While in big dictionary of Indonesian, sampel is an used by example of from the lion's share. While according to Sugiyono Suharsimi stated that if the subject is less than one hundred it is better to take the entire subject.

The accuracy of the result of research was mostly dependent on how accurate the use of instrument. Before research carried out, the instrument for the data collection should be well prepared. Related to the research problems, the writer used reading test as an instrument. Ary Moreover, Heaton In this case, the researcher gave the students reading test in using Think aloud strategy.

This study aimed at knowing the students achievement in Reading skill, where the students was asked to tell by using Think aloud Strategy was used to make the students achievement in reading skill Nurgiantoro, A test is a group of questions, tasks or exercises for measuring individual or groups skill. The contents or the reading task include factual question, determining a title and determining the main idea. The test of those three aspects of reading comprehension was compiled by the writer herself collecting information about the subjects, which are learned at SMPN 19 Mataram.

For those reason, the writer has compiled 25 items of multiple choice and 10 items of essay question taken from various sources. Those choices from multiple choice questions are as follows: Factual questions: Determining a title: Determining the main idea: So, the essay questions are described a follows. The score check for the pre-test and post-test. The first step was the researcher calculated the mean score of experimental group.

For the purposes, to test the hypothesis, it was used t-test with the level of significance 0. Thus, the writer calculated the mean score of the experimental group.

For the purpose, the following formula is used: Finally, the writer computed the hypothesis significant. It was to know whether the Ho was accepted or not. For the sake of computation, it was used formula recommended by Arikunto Prosedur Penelitian. Bina Aksara.

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Bolgar, Robert Ralph. Teaching Methods. Encyclopedia Compact Disk. Furchan, Arif.

Pdf inggris gratis skripsi sastra

Pengantar Penelitian Dalam Pendidikan. Usaha Nasional. Grondund, NE. Measurement and Evaluation in Teaching. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company.

Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Full

Hillerich, L. Bowling Green State University.

Huda, S. Islamic Studies of Darussalam Gontor. Hornby, AS. Oxford University Press. Keraf, Gorys. Linguistik Bandingan Historis. Ijin ninggal jejak berkualitas gan ideskripsi. Poker online , Domino Online , bandarqq , Gaple online PLAY pokergalaxy pokerlounge99 pokergalaxy pokerclub88 negaraqq untungqq enjoyqq seniqq sbobetpoker.

Terima Kasih Infonya Gan Poker online , Domino Online , bandarqq , Gaple online mandiriqq untungqq sbobetpoker. Siska Elena serly putriana voleve erlika evalia kinara farinta kinoy. This chapter presents the discussion on the background of the study, statement of the problems, objective of the study, scope and limitation of the study, significance of the study, assumption of the study, and definition of key terms.

Background of the Problem. Language is one of the most important things in communication and it is used as a toll of communication among the nations in all over the world.

Statement of Problem. Based on the background of study above, the problem of the study is as follows: Objective of the Study. Based on the research statement, this particular study aimed at finding out: Significance of the Study.

The result of the study is expected to be used theoretically and practically: Hypothesis of the Study. A hypothesis is a statement of the research assumption about the relationship between two variables that the researcher plans to test within the framework of the researcher study Kumar, Because of statistical computation the alternative hypothesis need to be change into null hypothesis Ho as follow: Scope and Limitation of the Study.

The scopes of the study are limited to the subject and object investigated. The object of this study is the effect of Think aloud strategy towards students reading skill. Definition of Key Terms.

According to Gony and Kingsmey The first one was by studying the both novel the English version and translated version. The second one was by collecting and categorizing the data which is in the form of figurative language based on each characteristic from selected chapters. The third one was by analyzing the gained data in terms of the translation procedures proposed by Larson which were applied to every type of figurative language. Finally, by analyzing and judging the gained data in terms of accuracy, clarity and naturalness.

The result of the research indicated that there were 15 types of figurative language found in the selected chapters in the novel. Those were figurative language which comprise simile 31 items , imagery 25 items , hyperbole 21 items , idiom 11 items , personification 8 items , paradox 6 items , symbol 4 items , metaphor 3 items , onomatopoeia 3 items , allusion 2 items , irony 2 items , metonymy 2 items , alliteration 1 item , assonance 1 item , and synecdoche 1 item.

Several procedures were applied by translator in translating figurative language. They were synonymy 25 items , through translation 24 items , transposition 16 items , paraphrase 11 items , expansion 11 items , transference 8 items , reduction 7 items , naturalization 5 items , modulation 5 items , notes, addition and glosses 3 items , cultural equivalent 3 items , descriptive equivalent 2 items , and literal translation 1 item.

The findings showed that the translators are generally acceptable, understandable, and suitable despite their slight of naturalness.

Based on the elaborations above, it can be concluded that simile was the most frequently found in the novel, synonymy was the most frequently procedure applied in translating figurative language in the novel and the translations are generally has fulfilled the criteria of good translation proposed by Barnwell, namely, accuracy, clarity, and naturalness. Link Download: