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Foxit is a free PDF document viewer for the Linux platform, with a new streamlined interface, user-customized toolbar, incredibly small size. Foxit is a good and feature-rich PDF reader. Moreover Foxit is available for Windows too. You can connect the software to the cloud to sync. Okular More than a viewer for pdf and other document formats including postscript, To install Okular PDF reader in Linux, use apt or yum to get it as shown.

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In this article, we shall look at 8 important PDF viewers/readers that can help you when dealing with PDF documents and files in Linux systems. If you start searching the best Linux PDF Viewer, you might get confusing to choose You can easily install it on your machine from the Ubuntu software center. However, there are other PDF readers that provide similar basic features for day Calibre can be downloaded from the Ubuntu Appstore here.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Every second e-mail I get suggests to download Adobe Acrobat reader, but adobe. In my opinion, qpdfview is the best PDF viewer for Ubuntu. Some of its attractive features are:. I'm going to mention some lesser-known options: MuPDF and Zathura.

Adobe Reader is a very popular PDF reader on almost all popular platforms. If you have recently switched from Windows then you must be familiar with Adobe Reader. Earlier it was not available for Linux but now it is available with all the features you experience on Windows as well as Mac.

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Adobe Reader seems to be 1 PDF reader in terms of features and overall user experience. It offers features like adding annotations documents, document printing, etc. You need to install it manually on Linux by running following commands one-by-one because it is not available in Ubuntu Software Centre. It comes bundled with all Linux repositories and you can install it manually using the command given below. Evince is a lightweight and simple PDF reader which offers very good overall user experience.

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Okular features includes page annotations, extract text from PDF file to text file, bookmarks and many more. It works smoothly on low-end machines and also handles large PDF files effortlessly. You can install Okular manually using following command. Zathura is free and very easy to use lightweight document viewer which is very popular among Linux users. Zathura offers features like search, mouse-free navigation, synctex support, bookmarks, automatic document reloading and easy customization.

Try searching some words in it and you'll see it eating upto 1 GB memory. Great for inspecting graphics. I tried xpdf - it displayed then dumped core.

Then tried evince which couldn't find files it was looking for and didn't display anything other that messages to stderr. Then tried gv which worked fine.

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Give me old that works to new that doesn't any day of the week. Some of its attractive features are: Fast opening of PDF files. Great rendering of graphics.

Low memory consumption. Tab browsing. This one gets my vote for not only being incredibly customizable, but especially for offering an outline of the PDF chapters on the left.

A side panel of links to the various chapters in the PDF, that is. The best imo too. It's fast, there are plenty of shortcuts and they're quick to setup, it uses tabs, supports annotations and links to pages e. Thanks for the suggestion! Very good one, but it misses an important feature when working with big pdfs: Find with whole-word-only option.

Adobe Reader

I was using Foxit, it is pretty powerful, but it shows super big bold font on a pdf file I am reading and I could not find a way to change the text font size Since we are not supposed to change the font size in pdf files anyway.

The qpdfview works fine on that file. Thanks for your suggestion. You had me at great rendering of graphics. MuPDF is really fast! I had to see how fast is MuPDF, and it is pretty much instant. Very impressive. Thanks for the suggestion. Zathura shines for those, who like vim-like key-binding. It took me a year to find it. For the linux native viewers, okular was the fastest ahead of qpdfview and the refreshed evince. Still, nothing comes close to Sumatra in speed, and you can run the portable version directly via wine, highly recommended!

It will also install a bunch of dependency of KDE That's right, but if you have or plan to have other KDE apps and there are good ones they will be needed anyway. And okular is so much better than evince what cannot be? Google Chrome can render PDFs, has a zoom feature, and you might already have it installed. Evan Haas.

It is also very fast on complex pdfs. Chrome will let you fill out forms but won't actually save the data unlike eg. Evince or qPDF. Mozilla Firefox can also render PDFs.

Once a time, it was supported on Windows only, but now it is available for Linux system. It provides some extra features excluding viewing pdf files such as text extractor, postscript converter, etc.

But, it would be the wrong choice when you are dealing with high-graphics files. On the other hand, it is highly beneficial when you are not so much sensitive about graphics. Download XpdfReader. This is the software that is used for dealing with multiple format files. The application supports DjVu, PS and pdf files. This useful Linux PDF viewer has some additional features which are very handy and useful such as fit and rotate function, full-screen support, text search, keyboard shortcuts, and so on.

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These features make the software ease functioning. And functional quality is outstanding. Qpdfview Download for Linux. How many aged-long renowned Linux PDF viewers are found in the online platform?

Linux PDF Viewer: Best 15 PDF Readers Reviewed for Linux Users

GNU GV is one of the best of them. This software is also used for postscript viewer.

Its interface is an old graphical, and that is why it is not a good option for those who are worried about graphics. Zathura is a very popular Linux PDF viewer among top-ranked free pdf reader.

This is best when you are going to load a lightweight document. It can also load a bulk file obviously, but it becomes a little bit slow. But, when you are dealing with only light files, its functional quality is great.

Top 10 PDF Readers on Linux

It has some additional features which are very useful such as search text, syntax support, easy customization, and mouse-free navigation.

It also supports other format files such as DjVu, PostScript. This reader is the pre-install app of the MATE desktop environment. It is lightweight and contains compact features but very useful. It does not allow editing of the pdf files, but the other necessary tasks can be done easily with the application.

It is also supported on most of the Linux distros. Just download and run. If you have an old desktop and laptop containing low configuration then you should use the light software as like ePDF viewer. This lightweight software has some benefits as like it does not use bulk space but works very smoothly. And, you need such type of application when you are an old computer user. It also allows text search, annotations, bookmark, and so on. You can easily install it on your machine from the Ubuntu software center.

This is one of the best pdf readers for Linux user. This software can be compared with some costly application.

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This pdf reader also comes with some exciting and unique features. Some are notable such as search text, large button, metadata support, minimal interface, and so on.

Most importantly, supported files can be achieved from non-supported files by using this software. Worry about cost?

It is open source and free of cost. Download Calibre. Yes, Google Drive is one of the best pdf readers. The drive allows viewing all files shared on it. Not only pdf files, but it also offers to open many format files also.