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all three then head on over to the Roosh, MMSL, or MGTOW forums so you can join in on the masturbatory nonsense. RPS also had a good. Married Man Sex Life Primer Athol Kay ebook. Page: ISBN: , Publisher: Format: pdf. kickass leabhar download. PDF Download The Married Man Sex Life Primer New Release Book Details Author: Athol Kay Pages: Binding: Paperback Brand.

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The author of the innovative sex and marriage blog “Married Man Sex Life” brings together his edgy and brilliant advice in a single volume primer delivering the mother lode of substance. The Married Man Sex Life Primer cherry picks the best ideas of books like "The. level TRUTHS you will need in order to CHANGE your future with respect to sexual rejection and toward the women in your life. As Athol Kay said in his book, . The author of the innovative sex and marriage blog “Married Man Sex Life” brings together his edgy and brilliant advice in a single volume primer delivering the motherload of substance. The Married Man Sex Life Primer cherry picks the best ideas of books like "The Mystery.

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Kay pdf athol

Nice Guy," and the volatile online world of the Pickup Artist a. The result is a simple, effective plan for men to create sexually exciting marriages for themselves and their wives. A fabulous PDF crammed with information.

How can I use this format? Lulu Sales Rank: Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. Then when your sex life starts tanking, they all tell you that a declining sex life is normal in a marriage.

Sometimes in the middle of all this, she can walk out on you, cheat on you, or tell you to leave. So while I am all about getting you laid like tile, there are also serious situations we have to address as well.

Kay pdf athol

The first part of the book is going to bring you up to speed on how sex really works for men and women. This part of the book looks at the disconnection between how women are biologically wired to look for a certain type of mate, but as modern women, they need quite a different sort of man in their life.

That biological wrong wiring is at the root of the vast majority of marital drama and failure. Better understanding her biological wiring means that you can start to adjust your game plan and start doing things that she really wants.

In addition to teaching you the basic principles of The Male Action Plan The MAP , the second part of the book is going to cover several different long-term strategies for sexual success. Some are going to be more important to you than others. Test what works best for you, then run with it. This is the fun stuff! The Sexy Moves are all small, practical things you can do to inject sexy romance into your day.

This is where I teach you how to kiss her, how to touch her, how to make a move on her, how to date her and gulp! Women love this part of the book. If you want, you can actually dive straight in to Part Three and start trying some of the moves out on her; they are all easy to do and really do work. But you will find them more effective if you read the first parts of the book and understand why they work as they do.

Part Four also covers critical areas where husbands commonly run into trouble. We can both hope you never have to employ some of these defensive strategies, but knowing you have them in your tool kit is going to make you feel more confident. Knowledge is power and power is sexy. You may very well do everything I say in this book and your wife can ignore all your changes and still not be sexually interested in you.

Also if the women reading were still here to listen to this discussion between us men, I would give them a warning too. If you give this book to your husband and he does what I say, he will become a far more attractive man. That means not only will he be more attractive to you, he will be more attractive to other women as well. As your husband steps up his game, you may have to step up yours as well.

The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011

Marriage, which seemed so very traditional and conservative, will suddenly seem as risky as skydiving when someone else packed your chute. Why would you, a perfectly rational man subject yourself to getting married? When we find that special someone, our own body can release hormones and neurochemicals that make us almost uncontrollably romantically fixated on the beloved.

For myself, I have no idea why I married Jennifer.

The married man sex life primer | Open Library

Oh sure I could rattle off a dozen good points about her, but many of those same points were true about other women I knew. I distinctly remember looking at her one day and trying to figure out why I felt absolutely no romantic interest in her. Everything about her checked off on my secret list of wife material points, I just had no interest in her beyond friendship.

I even felt stupid for that lack of interest seeing objectively, she was a real catch.

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Then I met Jennifer and it was like discovering cocaine. More Jennifer please. Getting married was just a required task to getting more Jennifer, so I jumped through all the hoops needed to marry her. So why are we so helplessly foolish in the face of love? Well the answer is our bodies may really be the ones running the show Our large human brain very much sets us apart from the animals.

Because of that tremendous strength, most people have the idea that the real them is housed in their mind and that their body is just a vehicle to transport them around.

Based on those sensations we make choices and are in complete control about what we do. We have plenty of control over our bodies, but we all know there are limits to that control. The same thing happens with vomiting.

We may even rationally figure out that we just ate something, or drank many somethings, that the body would be better off moving rapidly to somewhere outside of the body. We may rationally think to ourselves I really should puke this up, but once the vomiting itself starts you meaning your brain become a passenger in the experience of clutching at the toilet bowl and intense stomach contractions.

Likewise, with members of the opposite sex, you may meet someone who quite objectively is attractive, sociable, and interested in you, but you have no sexual interest in them. Moreover, of course there is the maddening attraction to members of the opposite sex you may even actively dislike, who you know are no good for you.

In fact, sometimes thinking about our automatic body functions can interfere with their natural rhythm. One of the first tricks of the trade you learn in the medical field is to pretend to still be taking the patients pulse while you are in fact counting their respiration rate.

The reason being that once a person knows you are watching their breathing, they tend to hold their breath or start to hyperventilate. In a very real sense humans are no different than animals who all quite happily have all their bodily functions work quite nicely without a high school diploma or Internet connection. We are a truly gifted species intellectually, but even that is a result of DNA hardwiring intelligence into our bodies. Riding roughshod over evolutionary science for a moment, the key understanding is that the uniquely human highly rational brain is in fact a late adaptation to the human animal from perhaps only a few millions years ago.

Somewhere back in The Time Before Writing humans with bigger brains started out performing whatever was around at the time and slowly the big brains started taking over and running the show. Perhaps the human animal could have evolved to have poisonous spit, or razor sharp tusks or night vision as a means of trying to grab a bigger piece of the pie.

So in this sense your brain, what you may think of as you - is a tool for your body, rather than your body being a biological machine to allow you to walk around and get places. Therefore, really you , are your body and you are not nearly as fully in charge of yourself as you may think you are. When it comes to sex, we have a multitude of biological programming hard-wired into us that very much sets our interest in the opposite sex.

What we find sexually attractive in others is usually beyond our rational control. In fact, our minds may very much wish to be attracted to some group of traits or someone in particular, but our bodies can choose for sexual interest in other traits or someone else entirely.

This is why a woman can swear she wants to love and have a relationship with a Nice Guy, but then finds herself drawn into sweaty entanglements with a Bad Boy. Obviously with things like trying to hold our breath forever, or not use the bathroom, we can only really delay the inevitable a little before we gasp for air or wet our pants. Our rational brain has only a tiny amount of influence but no real control over autonomic body functions.

Kay pdf athol

With behavioral choices that have a moral component, our rational brain very much plays a part in deciding what we do Say a delivery truck transporting bread leaves its door open and you are passing by. However, if you are very hungry and your family is hungry, you are going to be interested in all that unattended bread. There is a conflict between you understanding that stealing is wrong and you wanting to steal the bread; this conflict can be solved however, by finding a convenient rationalization to justify stealing the bread.

Something like Stealing is a less serious wrong thing to worry about than the very serious issue of my children starving. Now armed with this rationalization, you can happily steal the bread Hunger is well understood as a clear motivation for behavior. Truly hungry people will do nearly anything to get food and they clearly understand the motive at work.

When it comes to sexual desire however, most people are not fully aware of what exactly is motivating them, so a rationalization for their sexual behavior can take place without the person being even aware that they are rationalizing; they can even be fooled themselves. This sexual mental sleight-of-hand is called The Rationalization Hamster.

More fully it is called The Female Rationalization Hamster because female sexuality can have great swings in her sexual interest during her menstrual cycle, so women tend to require greater use of rationalizing sexual behavior or lack thereof than men do. He could call her a liar about the headache of course, but that would just be picking a fight with her with no proof of her lying.

Buy for others

So her lie about the headache works! When it comes to illicit sex with an affair partner, there are strong social sanctions against cheating on a loved one, so the rationalizations required to overcome the sense of wrongness are much greater. A wife may love her husband and not want to hurt him at all, but she also may want to cheat on him with Mr.

Studly next door. Thus, the job of The Rationalization Hamster is to make up as much mental bullshit as possible until she can be comfortable with herself cheating on her husband. Studly, so how could anything so special really be wrong. Meanwhile the husband may be a great husband but just have a vague dislike of Mr.

In the middle of affairs, the Rationalization Hamster goes into absolute overdrive spinning everything like a White House press secretary in the middle of a scandal. So while our brains can have a very acute sense that having kids is labor intensive, expensive and Our bodies have their own agenda for making babies that they keep sneaking into our consciousness for action. Potential sex partners are sized up as possible mates and the environment is assessed for the suitability for bringing children into the world.

Generally as long as there is an adequate food supply and reasonable shelter, the environmental conditions for making babies are met. As an example, much of modern human courtship behavior involves going out to eat and trying to get the girl home, thus meeting the two primary environmental needs for getting the green light for baby making activities. We are so used to the easy use and availability of birth control, having sex with the goal of making a baby is actually quite rare compared to the modern normal sex activity of just doing it to have sexual pleasure.

To our bodies all sex is about making babies and raising them and our bodies evaluate what is sexy based on what is going to meet those goals. Everything starts making sense once you start with the mindset of whatever is good for making and raising babies is sexy.

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Kay pdf athol

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Athol Kay Released: Sep 5, ISBN: Thank you! The book will Okay guys, now that the women have all mysteriously vanished, we can really talk. Men Want Better Sex, Women Want Better Men There is a chicken and the egg positive feedback cycle with you being a better man and you getting better sex.

Part One — What She Really Wants The first part of the book is going to bring you up to speed on how sex really works for men and women.

Part Three — Sexy Moves This is the fun stuff! Part Four — Errors and Dangers Part Four also covers critical areas where husbands commonly run into trouble.