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plz send me ready made project on customer satisfaction 31st March From India, Thana. Final project report submitted in the fulfillment of requirements for the satisfaction level amongst the customers of Maruti as the popular punchline also says. It is a moment of pleasure to present this project report undertaken by me The project title is “A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT.

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A study on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FOR FASTRACK WATCHES PROJECT REPORT SUBMITTED BY BELLI P K S2 MBA UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF. Customer Satisfaction Project Report - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Page 2 DECLARATION I, the undersigned, hereby declare that the Project Report entitled “A Study on Analysis of Customer Satisfaction with.

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Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp Golden Jubilee Institute of Business Administration 14 Google, suggest that this may be the right strategy, with user growth more highly valued than revenues or profitability. Like search and social applications before it, mobile messaging applications have not been instantly lucrative.

Advertising became the dominant business model in both of these areas, but it is unlikely that advertising will be able to generate the mobile revenues that it was able to do on the PC. The small form factor means display advertising can be more irritating than relevant.

Almost all mobile messaging applications are avoiding advertising, and are exploring different ways of generating revenues. Four different business models are being explored by market participants. Charging for premium content such as wallpapers, stickers, and themes has emerged as the de facto way to generate revenues.

Not only does premium content improve the customer experience, it is not intrusive and can be a way for brands to interact with customers. Almost all apps are offering premium content in one way or another. With official accounts, brands and merchants can connect and interact with fans and customers in a personal and real-time fashion. The possibility of the integration of location-based services such as iBeacons from Apple or Bluetooth Low Energy will enable business to reach their customers at increasingly relevant times driving online and offline purchases.

In-game purchases and the social nature of the platforms offer a very sticky experience and is possibly the only revenue stream that builds an ecosystem of users, developers, and business around the platform. The success of gaming on mobile messaging suggests a real opportunity for these companies to develop into fully fledged content distribution platforms, and further monetizing users.

It is not a leap to imagine mobile messaging companies offering music or television clips, and charging content makers for referrals, or even offering full albums, books, or films.

The companies that expand beyond messaging and develop a content distribution platform will win in this market Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp Golden Jubilee Institute of Business Administration 15 The mobile messaging application market is possibly the hottest in technology right now.

As internet giants Google, Facebook, and Yahoo attempt to monetize users on mobile, messaging applications are exploring a variety of different ways to generate revenues. It is clear that the advertising model that worked so well in the PC era will not be as successful on mobile. Instead, new innovative business models are emerging. Three different ways to monetize users have emerged in the mobile messaging market; distribution of premium content, the platform as a brand building tool, and gaming and in- app purchasing.

These monetization techniques take applications beyond the discrete world of mobile messaging into the infinite possibilities associated with mobile distribution platforms.

Project report on 'customer satisfaction towards whatsapp'

Many apps use a variety of these monetization techniques, and each technique has different regional dynamics. Stickers, for example, are far more popular in Asia than they are in North America and Europe.

The key to success for these companies will be to provide rich and diverse content, and to build an ecosystem around the application. The platform must provide much more than just messaging with friends. This ecosystem will serve to build a sense of loyalty and stickiness, creating a barrier for the user to leave for another application.

The market opportunity is huge, according to Ericsson, as there were 1. For those companies that can attract and retain users, the revenue potential is virtually limitless.

Customer Satisfaction Project Report

WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphoneswithout having to pay for SMS. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video and audio media messages as well as their location using integrated mapping features.

WhatsApp, a dream come true of talking to a friend sitting oceans apart through radio-waves, means absolutely free. What used to cost a somewhere between Rs.

Project customer pdf satisfaction report

Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp Golden Jubilee Institute of Business Administration 19 This was still found to be cumbersome by people mainly due the involvement of internet which required logging or signing in a personal computer or laptop. This is where WhatsApp walked in to make life easy for Smartphone users. Where people wanted staying in touch with their friends and loved ones for as low a price as possible, WhatsApp removed the price aspect from it. On June 13, , WhatsApp announced that they had reached their new daily record by processing 27 billion messages.

Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp Golden Jubilee Institute of Business Administration 20 As of November 10, , WhatsApp had over million monthly active users, million photos are shared each day, and the messaging system handles more than 10 billion messages each day. In a December blog post, WhatsApp claimed that million active users use the service each month.

On February 19, , Facebook Inc. No wonder, the success of WhatsApp is much greater in terms of number of users compared to BlackBerry Messenger. It is supported by many platforms — Windows, BlackBerry, Android etc. It has even managed to enter the territory of Apple, which is otherwise difficult to cross for a non-Apple-made application. From being a multi-purpose, user-friendly, connectivity application to allowing sharing of not only messages but also images, audio files and videos, WhatsApp is a rage.

The reason is pretty obvious — From downloading it to using it, WhatsApp is free! But then WhatsApp does cost you something. It demands an internet connection, on the smartphone handset, to be in use. Just out of curiosity, I wonder then why should one not be as crazy about using G-talk or Yahoo messenger or AOL as well. Why, all of these are free too, with the internet connection?

That makes them as well equipped as WhatsApp. Upon installation, it creates a user account using one's phone number as the username Jabber ID: WhatsApp software automatically compares all the phone numbers from the device's address book with its central database of WhatsApp users to automatically add contacts to the user's WhatsApp contact list. A update now generates a random password on the server side. All Android phones running the Android 2.

Multimedia messages are sent by uploading the image, audio or video to be sent to an HTTP server and then sending a link to the content along with its Base64 encoded thumbnail if applicable. The primary concern was that WhatsApp required users to upload their mobile phone's entire address book to WhatsApp servers so that WhatsApp could discover who, among the users' contacts, is available via WhatsApp. While this is a fast and convenient way to quickly find and connect the user with contacts who are also using WhatsApp, it means that their address book was then mirrored on the WhatsApp servers, including contact information for contacts who are not using WhatsApp.

This information was stored in hashed, though not salted form and without "additional" identifying information such as a name, although the stored identifying information is sufficient to identify every contact. Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp Golden Jubilee Institute of Business Administration 22 On March 31, , the telecommunications authority in Saudi Arabia, the Communications and Information Technology Commission CITC , issued a statement regarding possible measures against WhatsApp, among other applications, unless the service providers took serious steps to comply with monitoring and privacy regulations.

One of the drawbacks of WhatsApp is that the user does not need to send a friend request to send messages to another user. However, users can block numbers on WhatsApp. The transaction is the largest purchase of a company backed by venture capitalists ever.

MBA Marketing Project : Customer satisfaction

According to a TechCrunch article, Zuckerberg's vision for Internet. This would give them some context for why they are important, and that will lead them to paying for more services like this — or so the hope goes. Once download the application, can use it to chat as much as one want. Send a million messages a day for free!

WhatsApp uses Internet connection: First year FREE! Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to friends and contacts.

The plethora of cool and funky emoticons offered by WhatsApp. Adding a friend on WhatsApp is simple. No more confusion about getting logged off from another computer or device. Chat with friends all over the world as long as they have WhatsApp Messenger installed and avoid those pesky international SMS costs. Why even bother having to remember yet another PIN or username? WhatsApp works with phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly with existing phone address book.

Even if someone miss push notifications or turn off phone, WhatsApp will save messages offline until retrieve them during the next application use. Share location, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Broadcast messages and MMS to many contacts at once and much much more!

There can be a lot more than these. Not only is it easy to create a group on WhatsApp, it is equally easy to quit the group too. WhatsApp has constantly been adding more and more handsets to its kitty over the time and informing users of the same through its website and blog.

But fame is a double-edged sword. And so it happens that there has been a rumour taking some rounds; recently there was a hoax about WhatsApp charging a fee for its usage to the users whose screen logo did not turn red. This is the findings of Consumer Rankings for India launched recently, by Nielsen, a global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy. So in the industry it is believe that with such an accelerating growth volume, the cross-platform messaging platform may soon overtake the SMS!

Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp Golden Jubilee Institute of Business Administration 25 On its growing popularity, users have cited different reasons such as its ease of use, great speed offered by the application and multiple device compatibility. Still others feel that the technology offers a cost effective way of sharing things with people in any part of the world. It's the preferred way to share multimedia now -- pictures, audio and video. That one thing takes it into the realm of social media.

Chinese We Chat has over million users. These are just a few examples of the rising trend of the mobile instant messaging MIM. Instant messaging as such is not a new thing remember ICQ? Phones are increasingly more about data than talking In developed countries nearly every new phone sold is smart phone. Smart phones are increasingly more about being smart than phone.

There is app for that, now also for the basic phone features talking and texting. This opens new opportunities for what kind of content we can exchange in MIM platforms.

Facebook is so huge that it is already mass broadcasting If you are average Facebook user sending your status update, the odds are that the message will be seen by your family, friends and colleagues plus countless of people you do not even know about.

The most meaningful conversations happen with the people you know. Same phenomenon has been also reason for the success of Path. There is always need for 1-to-1 communication Some might argue that Facebook message does the trick. However the challenge is that Facebook is already flooded with so many messages, it is not that reliable way to catch people at least not all of them.

Phone has been relevant for so long because you can be quite certain that your message is received. The Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp Golden Jubilee Institute of Business Administration 29 amount of those real friends is limited and many of interactions with those people we want to keep private.

Facebook Messenger Vs Whatsapp Messenger in 5. World is getting smaller Majority of MIM applications work internationally. The bread and butter of Telcos profit margins has been charging for international calls and roaming. MIM applications do not have those international boundaries. You want to communicate with your friends no matter where they geographically are.

World is getting more visual Although SMS-messages have been relatively cheap, telcos are still taking quite big premium with multimedia messages. With MIM applications you can send whatever data possible and the because of the point 2 the alternatives are actually increasing all the time.

Basic SMS- type of messaging is just the beginning for MIM applications and there will be probably lots of innovations in what kind of communication there will be. The only way to grow in slow growth industries is to steal market-share from competitors. Fast industry growth positively affects. Relatively few competitors- Few competitors mean fewer firms are competing for the same customers and resources, which is a positive for Whatsapp.

The expense of building a strong distribution network positively affects Whatsapp. Strong brand names are important - If strong brands are critical to compete, then new competitors will have to improve their brand value in order to effectively compete. Strong brands positively affect Whatsapp. Patents limit new competition-- Patents that cover vital technologies make it difficult for new competitors, because the best methods are patented. Patents positively affect Whatsapp.

Advanced technologies are required - Advanced technologies making it difficult for new competitors to enter the market because they have to develop those technologies before effectively competing. The requirement for advanced technologies positively affects Whatsapp.

Limited bargaining leverage helps Whatsapp. Product is important to customer - When customers cherish particular products they end up paying more for that one product. This positively affects Whatsapp. This statement will have a short-term negative impact on this entity, which subtracts from its value. This is a positive for Whatsapp. This statement will have a short-term positive impact on this entity, which adds to its value. Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp Golden Jubilee Institute of Business Administration 33 competing institutions will have a difficult time overcoming it.

Substitute is lower quality — A lower quality product means a customer is less likely to switch from Whatsapp to another product or service. Earlier people used text messages, that is, SMS, but nowadays they have started using it for communications with their friends and family. People can also send voice messages, images, as well as video through whatsapp.

As we know, whatsapp is available in free of cost for 1 year. And for accessing data, one needs data plant to send and receive messages. Interface — Whatsapp interface is quite easy and simple to handle. Whatsapp launches updates frequently to make its interface more appealing and user friendly but mainly its interface depends on type of platform who are using.

Bandwidth — With just texting option, whatsapp does not take much bandwidth. Only downloading may force it to use high network charges, but if you are texting only, then whatsapp takes very less bandwidth.

Security — One need to have working registered phone numbers to use whatsapp. The apps scans contact list and searches for people who already use it. One can chat with them, but blocking options is also there for security. Acceptance — It is an agreement between Whatsapp Inc. Using the service, user agrees to the terms of service and privacy policy.

Whatsapp Service — The terms of service applies to the all users of whatsapp. Information provided by users to whatsapp, may provide links to third party websites. The user will not be able to duplicates or copy any part of service. It Indicate the time period over which long-range objectives are to be achieved.

The four alternatives of grand strategy are as follows: In case of Whatsapp stability,Whatsapp is available on every operating system of smartphones. Allow requesting other system, that is, user should be able to contact other people who are not in his phone directory.

It should be able to make calls. Screen sharing. The application is free today but may not be tomorrow or so the talks go around. It may have this in future.

With the technology growing in leaps and bounds, we may also expect a Skype-like free video call via WhatsApp. What has been a user-friendly, connectivity application till date may take a turn towards shared-information holding platform like Drop box, meaning people may not only be able to chat on WhatsApp but also share and store common data.

It may not come as a surprise hence, to see such a large network-sharing support on WhatsApp someday. Whether the mole will actually become a mountain someday is a mystery. Till then, we enjoy the present and await the surprises of future. Customer Satisfaction towards WhatsApp 4. It is use to test the hypotheses and examine the relationship. Descriptive research design is the part of the conclusive design and it describes the market characteristics or functions. It describes the characteristics of relevant groups such as consumers, organizations etc.

The collection of the information from the sample population is drawn only once so it is cross sectional design. Significant rise in Titan Fastrack watches sales has subsequently compelled Titan to establish it as a separate brand.

Titan has an enviable brand image in India, being ranked number 1 six times in the last seven years, and second once. Reason for success- appeals to youth market and is inspirational. Mass market brand with a strong presence at the lower end. Value for money.

Project Report On Customer Satisfaction - PDF Download

Titan ranks very highly in all surveys. Company is now keen to translate its brand advantage in to profits. According to Titan these watches can be charged with as low as lux of light which makes them chargeable with light even from a candle. In its press release the company said that "HTSE draws its design inspiration from the most complex self-energizing bodies built by mankind — space stations, satellites and spaceships.

It has become one of the leading manufacturers of Precision Parts for Automotive and Aerospace Industries. The Diverse Product range includes pointers, dashboard clusters like Fuel Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Gear Shift Indicators, Clocks for Automobiles and any kind of Injection molded Plastic parts, Electromechanical Assemblies for automobiles, all kinds of pressed and turned parts for automobiles.

They made significant contributions to add value during the product development stages of the low-cost water purifier, Tata swach, developed by Tata Chemicals. The Automation Solution applied its precision engineering capabilities to supply automation solutions for the development of special assembly presses that enabled mass production of Tata swach.

Satisfaction pdf customer project report

Hence "Tanishq" which is becoming popular as an Indian baby name means "embodiment of love". Hence "to extend love" or "to spread love" are other meanings attributed to the name Tanishq. The name Tanishq has been formed by combining "Ta" the first two letters of Tata and "Nishk or Nishkh" meaning gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit. Tanishq is India's largest jewellery brand with a wide range of jewellery in 22Kt pure gold studded with diamonds or coloured gems. It is the fastest growing jewellery brand in India.

Tanishq, established in , challenged the established family jeweller and introduced new rules in precious jewellery; a category as old as civilization. Tanishq challenged the age-old jeweller's word with Tata's guaranteed purity. Tanishq at first introduced 18 Kt gold jewellery advertising 18 Kt as the 'international standard.

Later on, it exploded the market with facts about rampant impurity across India. It introduced technology-backed challenge in a category completely governed by blind individual trust. Tanishq introduced innovations like Karatmeter, the only non destructive means to check the purity of gold; machine made jewellery, which offers superior finish and value to the customer and handcrafted jewellery which is influenced by various jewellery traditions of India.

Tanishq has set up production and sourcing bases with thorough research of the jewellery crafts of India. The , sq ft 12, m2. The factory complies with all labour and environmental standards, located at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The brand brings together the work of karigars, who specialize in different styles of making jewellery.

Karigars, who continue to be an exploited lot with other jewellers, are paid fair remuneration and work under good working conditions in Tanishq. The contest recognizes the best based on a set of parameters that give a measure of the overall development of the individual in each of the categories mentioned above and is not solely on sales. This program was conceived as an assessment center for front-line staff - by Aparna Ponnappa, inspired at that time by staff who expressed their desire to 'perform' and 'be recognized' for what they do.

This program enabled the retail wing of Titan to empower staff to take charge of their own skill development and provided them with a healthy and fun environment to compete and showcase their own talent. GEN Labs. The same study has also ranked Titan as 10th Most Trusted Brand. Many brands have vice lines which target a separate segment of population. This helps to maintain a unique identity for each brand and also helps the mother company to differentiate between the focus areas for the different brands.

Thus, in India, Titan is a company which is part of the renowned Tata group and it has launched Fastrack which caters mostly to the young generation. When a brand targets the youth, it needs to keep changing and reinventing itself to stay in tune with the latest trends in the market which attract the urban youth. Fastrack similarly is one such brand which has been changing its product lines, introducing new elements in accessories as well as in designs so that it attracts the urban youth of India today.

It is said to be one of the inventive youth brands. Initially the brand started off with watch designs which were trendy and youthful; since then it has moved onto eyewear, bags which are again marketed in different eye catching ways.

While watches are marketed as wrist gear, sunglasses are marketed as eye gear. The campaigns for Fastrack are loud and shocking, with taglines open to interpretation and innovative designs in their showrooms. Today Fastrack features a wide range of products for the young at heart. From watches and sunglasses, they have moved onto bags, belts, wallets and even wristbands. Watches There are various collections which can be found amongst the Fastrack watches. Each collection signifies a certain style which is present in each of the models in that collection.

True to the flamboyant style of the hip hop culture, the watches have distinct styles and surprise elements in their design. The most stunning piece is the YM01 for guys. This watch comes in gold or white metal and is to be worn like a pendant on a chain around the neck.

The strap is in the form of a chain and the watch is designed like a pendant representing the male symbol. The Denim range The Denim collection amongst Fastrack watches are unique and are highly in demand.

These feature mostly square designs where the case may be round but the dial is square shaped. The dial shapes and case shapes differ in each model and so do the straps. From leather to metal, there are straps which come in the denim material, making it perfect for pairing with your favorite pair of jeans.

The Bikers range If you look at the Bikers collection, you would be taken aback by some of the sleek designs that this collection has for young women. Overall the designs are sporty and come with round dials, leather or metal straps and are trendy and sporty in style. The Army range This range probably represents the most elaborate designs amongst Fastrack watches. The straps are wide in which the watch is embedded.

The dial is in the form of a bullet and the glass is designed to camouflage the dial. The leather straps add an expensive aura to these watches which are made for true army fans. The other collections are all worth a look. The Color Play collection has classy designs which flaunt square cases with bold patterned dials and have alligator skin pattern leather straps. The Aluminum range features silvery white watches of different designs while the Basics collection features watches in plastic and rubber.

Thus, there is ample choice when it comes to watches for young men and women amongst Fastrack watches. After carrying out an in-depth market study, Titan identified three distinct market segments for its watches. The segments were arrived at using benefit and income level as the bases. The next segment consisted of consumers who preferred some fashion in their watches but to them price did matter.

Titan has made a mark in television promotions, too, where its advert isements have been noticed for the music tracks used in them. Inside, the Titan experience takes over. Brand offerings are highlighted in highly refined settings that have the best of light ing, props and contextual informat ion. Even if a visit does not consummate in a purchase, the Titan touch is imprinted on consumers. Essentially Fastrack was a sub-brand endorsed by the Titan Brand.

In most of the campaigns, the brand was promoted as Titan Fastrack. The brand was targeting young consumers who were moving towards the competitor Timex. It was during this time that Timex and Titan parted ways. Fastrack had a good start. During the first year, the brand clocked a turnover of Rs 15 crore. The good run continued till and the brand was worth Rs 25 crore at that period. But the sales stagnated. Although the brand appealed to the youngsters, price was significant dampener.

The brand found that the target group which consisted of college students could not afford this brand. During , the brand went in for a repositioning exercise targeting executive segment as well as casual watch segment. It was a suicidal experiment. The brand sales came down to Rs 23 crore. The change in positioning did not fit well with the brand. The consumers were not willing to pay Rs for a watch that did not have the executive image. It was in that Fastrack launched its range of sunglasses.

And Sunglasses fitted perfectly as a brand extension for Fastrack. In my personal view, sunglasses offered a great opportunity for the brand. There was no Indian brand of sunglasses at that time. The brands available were Ray-Ban and other foreign brands which were imported.

These brands were damn expensive and often consumers chose local unbranded sunglasses. In , the brand went for another repositioning exercise with a new logo and new positioning. The brand adopted the famous break-away positioning of Swatch. The brand decided to target the youngsters again but for that the brand had to break the price barrier. The brand discarded the steely look of the watches and looked at a mix of plastic and steel. It was a perfect cut-copy from the strategy adopted by Swatch.

By doing so, the brand was able to reduce the price range to Rs The brand then took the help of advertising to change the perception of watches as a functional tool to a fashion accessory. The brand launched a campaign with the slogan " How many you have ". The campaign , the positioning and the price was a great hit.

The brand sales zoomed to Rs 35 crore. The sunglasses also contributed significantly to this sales boost. The brand wanted to be the ultimate fashion accessory for the youth. For the sunglasses, the brand roped in the youth icon John Abraham as the brand ambassador. The celebrity fitted well with the brand.

Taking a cue from the fact that most of the TG for Fastrack owned a bike, Fastrack launched a biker's collection which again is a classic example of consumer-centric product innovation. The latest innovation is the neon - disc range of Fastrack watches that does not have Hands to show the time but have electroluminescent disc that lits up to show the time. Another advantage for this brand is the freshness that the agency had bought in its communication.

Most of the Fastrack ads has been refreshing. The brand had adopted a degree approach in its communication and it is an example of a brand which had used Social media to its advantage.

Warranties and Service Contracts Fastrack provides warranty or service contract to its watches and this is backed up by the name TATA which is especially needed to convince and march ahead in the lower segment market. Titan prices all its watches in such a way that it maximizes the total profit on the total mix.

Through teaching people to read and analyze literature, the educated society has become more accustomed to picking apart the words they are reading. That same process, however, does not hold true for the human perception of images. Through societal norms, we have grown accustomed to accept images as truth without using the same analytical process to pick apart images in the way we do text.

In this increasingly digital age, photographs can be manipulated to portray an illusion of whatever the manipulator wants the picture to be. This can be especially prevalent in print advertising, where the main goal is to influence the needs or desires of a consumer with persuasive images. Barry, Ann Marie Seward: Visual intelligence, World of time keeping in general and mechanical watches in particular is a fascinating and complex field.

Highly complex micro-mechanical systems, the history of development of movements and design trends and political and personal intrigues of industry provide for interesting reading and endless opportunity for research. David S Landes; Revolution in time, Titan's play in the lifestyle category is similar to what US watch and accessory brand Fossil did - -diversifying into eyewear, handbags, jewellery, shoes and apparel in some geographies. The firm's youth brand Fastrack will drive this transformation, an effort partly to ensure that the parent brand Titan is shielded from any risk.

Fastrack is already into watches and eyewear, and now it is looking at categories like bicycles, helmets, shoes and apparel. Economic Times, 10 march Every year hundreds of wrist watches are introduced. Some features innovative designs or mechanical improvements and others available only in limited editions, keeping the field interesting for collectors. Peter Bron; Wrist watch annual, Extraordinarily innovative technology coupled with a fresh sense of style in the Titan Fastrack watches became an instant rage especially with youths.

More than a need, wristwatch has now become a fashion statement among the youth.

Titan has made a mark in television promotions, too, where its advert isements have been not iced for the music tracks used in them. Times magazine, March Customer perception Perceptions are always considered relative expectations. Because expectations are dynamic, evaluation may also shift over the time — from person to person from culture to cultures. Customers perceive the services in terms of the quality of the service and how satisfied they are allover with their experiences.

These customers — oriented terms — quality and satisfaction — have been the focus of attention for executives and researchers alike over the last decade or more. It is a judgment that a product or a service feature, or the product or service itself, provides a pleasurable level of consumption — related, fulfillment. In minimal technical terms, this definition can be translated to mean that satisfaction is the customers evaluation of a product or service in It is also important to recognize that, to measure the customer satisfaction at a particular point of time as if it were static, satisfaction is a dynamic, moving target that may evolve over the time, influenced by a variety of factors.

Determinants of customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction is influenced by specific product or service features and by perception of quality as suggested in Fig 2. Satisfaction is also influenced by customers Product and service features: Customers of services will make trade — offs among different service features depending on the type of service being evaluated and the criticality of the service. Customer emotions: These emotions can be stable, pre-existing emotions.

Attributions for service success or failure: Attributions — the perceived causes of events — influence perceptions of satisfaction as well. When they have been surprised by an outcome the service is either much better or much worse than expected consumers tend to look for the reasons, and their assessments of the reasons can influence their satisfaction. Perceptions of equity or fairness: Customer satisfaction is also influenced by perceptions of equity and fairness.

Customers ask themselves: Did other customers get better treatment, better prices, or better quality service?